here you can find some live documentation from my practice room..... please do not expect professional videoclips or recording sessions. These short videos are made for my self practice in order to improve my playing. Nevertheless I hope some of this could be useful and interesting for them who are looking for new impulses in their way of playing (...or not playing!!) the sackbut.

Play along

For me it is sometimes useful to practice with some special "play along". Of course it is not so beautiful like playing with other musicians, but it can be helpful for getting confident with music pieces before a rehearsal or a concert. Some of my play alongs are available on the page playing sackbut

Scale - Tonleiter

I put two Scale patterns with articulations (Terelerele) here  for downloading. I like playing them on every register and with Mouthpiece + Shortcut in order to get more definition of the articulation and to expand the the hing and low register. Here a short video about it…. maybe you find it useful. Enjoy.

Hier unten sind Tonleiter-Muster mit Artikulationen (Terelerele) zum downloaden. Ich finde es nützlich sie in jeder Register zu spielen, in jeder Tonart, auch mit Mundstück und Shortcut, um mehr definierte Artikulation und Ausdauer zu trainieren. Hier ein kleines Video über das Thema. Vielleicht findet ihr es auch nützlich und interessant. Viel Spass!

Download Scale I