Teaching & Practicing

Here you can find some informations about my teaching activity and also some (..for me) useful studies/excercises/passaggi for practicing historical trombone. I love to practice them with my renaissance/barock and classical/early romantic trombones in order to stay fit, get better and for preparing performances.

Do not esitate to contact me for any questions concerning historical trombone playing and stay tuned (teaching newsletter) for news about Workshops, upcoming download/new exercises and videos.

for the Sackbut

The Passaggi per potersi essercitare by Riccardo Rognoni are among the best exercises you can practice to learn playing the sackbut. Excellent for technical passages, style and of course to learn divisions! Here you have the original of the first part of the book (Alto and Sopran clef from IMSLP music library) and my transcription in Bass and Tenor clef. You can play it actually in any clef/transposition. You can buy the complete Facsimile of the book edited with a wonderful introduction by Bruce Dickey at fornieditore.com!!

You can find a pdf of the original print at IMSLP 

or you can download my edition in Bass/Tenor clef on the page Editions | Shop

for the Bass Sackbut

... it sounds quite "modern" but next to Rognoni, Ortiz and all the wonderful literature wich is playable with the F, E, or D Bass sackbut, I find really useful to practice with this instrument the famous method for trumpet by STAMP and also the exercises for the low register (n.34 until n.48) by Charlie Vernon. The first ones are great to improve the slide control, legato, singing and range on the Instrument. The second ones are great for playing legato on extreme low register including the "missing" notes between the first and second overtones. I will post soon a pdf-download with these exercises transcribed to be played on the F Instrument. Subscribe for a message as soon these exercises will be posted.

STAMP example for F Bass sackbut or F Bass classical trombone

for classic-romantic and modern trombone

The Eduardo Marzo three books are an excellent collection of Vocalises in bass clef and with piano accompaniment (!!!) composed by singers/theachers like Bordogni, Concone, Panofka. A great alternative and something new (instead of the overplayed Bordogni/Rochut).  ...great to learn singing and legato on the trombone! And don't forget to play them in all keys (Tenor up and down, Bass up and down, Alto ,.... )

You can find the pdf of them as well on the Petrucci library IMSLP