April 2016

...playing along Palestrina and Ortiz

Some tablature accompaniments for playing along are now available at this Link

Palestrina "Pulchra es" and "Io son ferito"
De Rore "Anchor che col partire"
Ortiz "Recercadas"

You can play along with these accompaniments while practicing divisions on these beautiful motet/madrigal/ostinato. The pitch of these soundcloud tracks is 440 Hz. Meantone temperament 1/4 comma (Aaron). The metronome is 46 for „Pulchra es“ and "Io son ferito", 44 for „Anchor" and 50 for the two Passamezzi. Any other pitch or metronome are available at any time on request.

Run it here on these soundcloud tracks, or get a mp3 download of it, playable on any device, paying the few Euros via Paypal (I will send the mp3 via email). Please specify for custom pitch and metronome.

PS: Self-evident, that this accompaniment will never replace the beautiful sound of a real instrument and a competent musician playing a Continuo Instrument (Cembalo, Organ, lute etc.), who will take care a.o. to avoid parallels between the accompaniment and your music line. It is just a machine, which can be used as practice tool in order to get more confident with the piece you are going to perform. Moreover you can practice with a musical, perfect meantone pitched Metronome ;-)